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The following is the list of law firms that operate as limited liability partnerships:-

Search Result for "Current LLP" firms ("Local & Foreign") in LLPs :
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No. Firm Type LLP Status Firm Name (English) Firm Name (Chinese) First Commencement as LLP Latest Commencement as LLP Latest Cessation as LLP Status History
1 Local Current LLP AC LAWYERS LLP Details
2 Local Current LLP ADDLESHAW GODDARD (HONG KONG) LLP 安勝恪道(香港)有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
3 Foreign Current LLP ASIALLIANS LLP Details
4 Foreign Current LLP BGA LAW (HONG KONG) LLP Details
5 Local Current LLP BRYAN CAVE LEIGHTON PAISNER LLP 博凱立有限法律責任合夥 Details
6 Local Current LLP C&T LEGAL LLP 鄭鄧律師事務所(有限法律責任合夥) Details
7 Foreign Current LLP CAREY OLSEN HONG KONG LLP 凱瑞奧信香港律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
8 Local Current LLP CHAK & ASSOCIATES LLP 翟氏有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
9 Local Current LLP CHAN & YEUNG LAWYERS LLP 陳與楊律師行(有限法律責任合夥) Details
10 Local Current LLP CHARLES RUSSELL SPEECHLYS LLP 思雅仕律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
11 Local Current LLP CHONG & PARTNERS LLP 莊凌雲律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
12 Local Current LLP CHOW & CO., JUSTIN SOLICITORS LLP 周廷勳律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
13 Local Current LLP CHU PATRICK, CONTI WONG LAWYERS LLP 朱國熙、黃錦華律師事務所 (有限法律責任合夥) Details
14 Local Current LLP CLARK DOUGLAS LLP 馬錦德有限法律責任合夥 Details
15 Foreign Current LLP CMS HASCHE SIGLE, HONG KONG LLP CMS德和信律師事務所,香港有限法律責任合夥 Details
16 Local Current LLP COCKING & CO LLP 郭黃有限法律責任合夥律師事務所 Details
17 Local Current LLP DE BEDIN & LEE LLP Details
18 Local Current LLP DENTONS HONG KONG LLP 德同國際有限法律責任合夥 Details
19 Local Current LLP FACEY & ASSOCIATES LLP 費智恒律師事務所(有限法律責任合夥) Details
20 Foreign Current LLP FORBES HARE (HONG KONG) LLP Details
21 Local Current LLP FUNG, WONG, NG & LAM LLP SOLICITORS 馮黃伍林有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
22 Local Current LLP GEORGIOU PAYNE STEWIEN LLP 徛毘施律師行(有限法律責任合夥) Details
23 Local Current LLP GOODWIN PROCTER (HONG KONG) LLP 高贏(香港)有限法律責任合夥律師事務所 Details
24 Local Current LLP HAIWEN & PARTNERS LLP 海問律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
25 Local Current LLP HAUZEN LLP 浩宸律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
26 Local Current LLP HUI & LAM LLP 許林律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
27 Local Current LLP JINGTIAN & GONGCHENG LLP 競天公誠律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
28 Local Current LLP KARAS LLP 祁卓信有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
29 Local Current LLP KEMP M.B. LLP Details
30 Local Current LLP KOO CHRISTINE M. & IP, SOLICITORS & NOTARIES LLP 顧張文菊、葉成慶律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details

Showing 1 - 30 of 69 Records
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